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      產品主要用于高速封包、制袋、編織袋、集裝袋、制鞋、沙發、牛仔服、麻輪、帆布、皮革、棉被、棉門簾等粗線及特厚料行業?!吧吓瘛迸破じ锾睾窳舷盗挟a品,以其獨特的創新設計,可靠的性能,深受廣大 集裝袋、制鞋、沙發、牛仔服、麻輪、帆布、皮革等粗線厚料及特厚料領域。
      [and], harmony, peace, and accommodate to the pray together. Binary star company, to the environmental, social, the sum of the sum, the team combined with harmonic one, since the 1990 s has been providing customers with the controversial renaming service positioning and brand, created the Chinese brand sewing equipment industry precedent. Has yet to be developed into northern China's most influential one of the "shangpeng" brand sewing equipment company.
      Hebei Qingxian Dongsheng Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd is the diversification modern enterprise for producing sewing machines for thick material. It has combined management system with research, development, design, manufacture, test, quality guarantee, marketing and after-sale service.
      It mainly used in sewing thick thread,This machine is suitable for cord and thick clcoth and super-thick cloth sewing,such as speed sack seaming,bag-making,woven-bag,contain bag,shoemaking,sofa,jeans,hemp,canvas,leather,cotton wading and cotton wadded curtain etc."Shangpeng"brand series super-thick leather products won acctaim fromall customers by the unique innovating design and reliable performance.
      All staff members of Dongsheng Company sincerely hope to cooperate with friends in domestic and abroad for common future by the spirit of advance with times, technological innovation, wish a future of excellence and honor credibility. We welcome all customers to visit us.
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